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The Super 10

North America's "Big Game"

The Super Ten of the North American big game has become the most popular award within the Grand Slam Club. Hunters from around the world have begun to aspire to this milestone. To accomplish the Super Ten, one must do a lot of big game hunting in different parts of North America. Furthermore, one must hunt the mountain species, the broad range of antlered game, and the predators. Raining Red is on this journey, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Visit our Gallery page to learn more.



Trey Spillers was able to check the Bear off of his Super 10 Checklist while in New Mexico hunting Elk. 

Bear For Grid 1.jpg

Dall Sheep

The Alaskan Dall Sheep is an upcoming event. Trey Spillers will travel to Alaska to hunt this majestic animal that can be found at elevations over 6000 feet!

dall sheep mount-Recovered.jpg

Bison | Musk Ox

Trey Spillers traveled to Greenland to take down the Musk Ox. With his bow and arrow he was able to check this one off the Super 10 Checklist!

Bison Musk Ox For Grid 1.jpg

Mountain Goat

The mountain goat is found among the steep and rugged mountains of northwestern North America from Idaho to Washington, through British Columbia, and into Southcentral Alaska. Mountain goat populations are scattered throughout this range and can be found from sea level to elevations over 10,000 feet. Trey Spillers will attempt this feat in the upcoming Mountain Goat hunt event!

Mountain Goat For Grid 1.jpg


This would be one of the first animals on the Super 10 that Trey Spillers has hunted. He has taken down all sorts of deer since he started hunting back when he was just a child. Trey Spillers hunts deer on his family lease in North West Texas just about every year.

Deer For Grid 1.jpg


Within just a couple of days, Trey Spillers took down a monster of an Elk. With a perfectly aimed and timed arrow Trey found success in New Mexico and got to check off the Elk box on his Super 10 Checklist. 

Elk For Grid 1.jpg


While Trey Spillers was in Greenland hunting the great Musk Ox he was able to tag a Caribou as well! There's nothing like taking out two birds with one stone!

Caribou For Grid 1.jpg


On his first try to take down a Cougar, Trey Spillers fell short. The Cougar they were tracking was just too elusive. Trey will try again in the upcoming Cougar hunt to take down this big cat.

Cougar For Grid 1.jpg


Trey Spillers has been eying the Pronghorn Antelope who are found only in North America. Their natural range extended from southern Canada to northern Mexico. Today pronghorn are mainly found in the United States in the Great Plains, Wyoming, Montana, northeast California, southeast Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Trey plans on taking one down here soon!

Antelope For Grid 1.jpg


The Moose is a member of the New World deer subfamily and is the largest and heaviest extant species in the deer family. Most adult male moose have distinctive broad, palmate antlers; most other members of the deer family have antlers with a dendritic configuration. Trey Spillers hopes to check this box real soon! Stay tuned!

Moose For Grid 1.jpg


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